Monday, December 6, 2010

At work and at play.

Hi all,

My name is Alan Chan and I am one of the second year Anatomical Pathology trainees/registrars at Concord Hospital. There are four registrars at our Department at different stages of training.

We are involved in a variety of duties. Once or twice a week we handle macroscopic specimens and select appropriate areas for further microscopic study. These are processed into histology slides for us to report on the following day. We then make a diagnosis under supervision of the Pathologists. We are also involved in performing fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsies, assisting operating surgeons with frozen section examinations, and coordinating meetings with different clinical disciplines, as well as for the benefit of medical students.

I also have a wide range of other interests beside Pathology, in particular, commerical aviation and worldwide travel. I have been to 47 countries across all seven continents. Some of the most memorable places include Antarctica, Peru, Kenya, Uzbekistan and Israel. I am also a fair linguist with qualifications in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, Spanish and Norwegian.

It is very pleasant working here in Anatomical Pathology. Our staff comes from many different ethnic backgrounds and we learn from each other every day. One of them is even more dedicated about aviation than myself, and it is a pleasure to share such a unique interest.